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Q2 2009

In line with the company's long tradition of embracing new technology developments and communications channels as they emerge, CEO blogging has become a standard feature of the company's communications sub-culture.

The Fifth Business has all the challenges of much larger organisations when it comes to geographies, organisational disparateness and customer site-working. Blogging is one of several techniques being used to overcome these dynamics: others include monthly regional get-togethers, regular communications sessions, a 24-page news letter designed to the highest standards and the appointment of a communications manager.

Blogging however offers the immediacy of contact with the CEO without an intermediary or filtering process – and this linkage between the CEO and staff allows for unexpected outcomes, according to Luisa Sorrentino:

"Blogging challenges the boundaries of normal communications practice and I have to acknowledge that in my role as communications manager. Sometimes messages, storylines and themes take on a life of their own on this blogging portal – and our CEO rises to the bait every time. In fact he quite enjoys provoking the chat. But I think this is a good thing – and part of the charm and engagement among staff who feel it is 'live', relevant and worthwhile as a feature of our culture".

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