Corporate Responsibility Programme

After reviewing its internal Corporate Responsibility (CR) Programme, our client, a global sports footwear manufacturer, determined it was tired, out-of-date and didn’t convey a message of inspiration. The company had become involved in numerous events aiming to benefit communities around the world – and yet these stories weren’t being communicated successfully internally. The Fifth Business was engaged to revamp and re-launch the programme.

The Fifth Business wanted to use existing channels of communication to regenerate the CR programme as well as creating new channels that would inspire, inform and engage employees. After writing a detailed communications and CR strategy we rolled out newsletters, training manuals and presentation templates that all conformed to the company’s branding guidelines and established a clear sub-brand for the new CR initiative. Our branding aimed to inspire employees to involve themselves in community projects by highlighting the great work already carried out by members of the company’s global staff. It also acted as a mirror, reflecting back a picture of the kind of people who worked for this famous brand and who were delighted with the results.