Cultural Fluency Toolkit

‘Cultural Fluency’ has become a popular term in the ‘business world’. It’s the ability to understand and participate effectively in any given culture. This includes having the mind-set to pay just as much attention to differences as similarities, and be willing to accept diverse perspectives.

Our client, a major energy company, needed a way to assess and develop their leaders’ level of cultural fluency, help them establish areas for improvement and support them to do so.

We came up with the idea of a ‘Cultural Fluency Toolkit’, which tests users on six skill areas, by asking them how they would respond in a number of situations. These areas challenged users on general cultural knowledge, adapting communications and behaviours, patience and empathy.

The toolkit is a key part in the organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion programme, and aims to help diverse teams have a more productive working relationship. The feedback has been extremely positive from users who have now instigated conversations around continuous improvement.