Our Experience in Health

Companies are placing an increasing amount of importance on the ‘H’ in HSSE – Health. Many of our clients are encouraging employees to be more aware of their health and wellbeing in the workplace – promoting a ‘culture of health’.

The Fifth Business has supported a number of global oil and gas organisations with their communications strategies to encourage employees to be more aware of health and wellbeing and the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyles such as substance abuse, unbalanced diet and poor physical exercise.

We specialise in wider strategic initiatives, and most recently helped our client boost the performance of its staff through embedding this ‘culture of health’ and subsequently, a ‘culture of healthy high performance’. We delivered initiatives in the areas of Change, Marketing and Communications to instil a higher performing workforce in order to enhance the business bottom line.

We continue to reinforce this ‘culture of health’, by ensuring that our client successfully meets its goal of being perceived as a leader in the area of Positive Psychology, by facilitating their participation at the most influential industry-related conferences and providing support for external events and engagements.

We've also delivered specific tools that companies can use to target certain health aspects, such as ergonomic assessment, which help companies understand how they can provide a healthier working environment.