IT Audit and Transformation

The IT division inside a major energy company wished to create a high degree of customer centricity, transforming its entire service line into a customer-focused function. As a long-standing trusted partner of this organisation, we were engaged to help change attitudes and behaviour to improve levels of customer awareness and marketing ability. Our team worked closely with the business and conducted face-to-face interviews with key customers.

Phase one: The change process we engaged involved establishing a standard for marketing practice and putting the entire 300-strong team through a marketing programme with a heavy emphasis on customer care.

Phase two: Our customer research exercise engaged the top 50 purchasers of the corporate IT service to determine their views, needs and wants, as well as their strategic expectations from IT. Put simply, ‘what do you want IT to do for you?’

We developed and rolled-out a full communications and engagement exercise to inform both the IT staff members and customer as to the new focus, to ensure buy-in and acceptance from the workforce.

Phase three: Sustainability was achieved by establishing a regular feedback mechanism and focus group approach to ensure a more purposeful and dynamic relationship could exist between IT and the rest of the business.