IT Site Collection

The IT Department of an international oil and gas company wanted to pilot the development of a site collection, with individual sites for each IT team across the business.

The site collection needed to function as working areas within SharePoint featuring a top level landing page, with a site template structure for each of the IT teams. The requirement was also to design and implement a data taxonomy in the form of metadata - with 'IT Global' site columns on every site, and each site creating their own site columns.

The Fifth Business proposed a four-phased approach for the development of the IT site collection. This included business requirements and user needs analysis, creative development and user experience design, technical development through building the masterpage and template as well as an implementation phase. The templates we created enabled team members to design their own new pages by selecting the page layouts in the web browser. They could create new content on the site while ensuring a consistent look and feel, without the need for web development skills.

A key feature of the SharePoint document and information management offer is the ability to create an enterprise-wide data taxonomy of key terms, attributes and metadata. The establishment of a global structure of metadata enabled the client to organise and classify all documents across the organisation in a consistent structure. The Fifth Business also offered Super User training to support the roll-out of the new site collection.