JDRF #CountMeIn

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is a pro-bono client for The Fifth Business and is a type 1 diabetes charity. JDRF’s advocacy campaign #CountMeIn aims to raise awareness of how type 1 diabetes affects those who live with the condition and the people who support them, as well as lobbying the UK government to increase its investment in medical research for the condition.

The Fifth Business helped JDRF by crafting an infographic to create an understanding of the ‘numbers’ involved in a typical diagnosis and type 1 diabetes management plan. The infographic could then be used to highlight the wider issues of type 1 diabetes as part of the #CountMeIn advocacy activities.

When presented with the data we saw there was more scope to ‘tell the story’ of someone recently diagnosed with diabetes and we recommended an animation.

Our creative team proposed an animation that was not only visually beautiful and emotionally arresting but capable of vertically scrolling. Designed in a whimsical style, appealing to both adults and children, this approach meant we could heighten the emotional impact of ‘Emma’s story’ by giving her additional family and social context as well as involving a wider discussion about the global response to, and investment in, type 1 diabetes research.

The Fifth Business was responsible for developing the script, managing the storyboard and layout, hand drawing all characters and graphics and fully animating the film. We also provided advice on how the film could be presented on the JDRF website.