Leadership Coaching

The Fifth Business delivers successful leadership coaching for many clients. Most recently, a client’s IT function comprising 10,000 staff and 5,000 contractors, was undergoing a re-organisation to align it more closely with the rest of the businesses and internal customers. In order to accomplish this, The Fifth Business coached 40 global leaders to have ‘dialogues’ with small groups of about 12 people in an informal setting.

We supported and briefed the leaders in advance, and provided them with the toolkits and activities to run these dialogues. Since it was about “Dialogue” and not “Presentation”, there were no slides and this challenged the leaders to adapt their style to accommodate and encourage open conversation. The planned support and preparation, delivered information to the leaders that shaped the re-organisation and these were deemed extremely valuable conversations.

Behind all these conversations was a larger engagement programme comprising video conferences, webinars, town halls, articles, interactive pdfs and posters - with the leader dialogues acting as the lynch pin in embedding the new IT organisation. Staff were inspired by their leaders who were now speaking authentically about the new IT organisation, its advantages and potential challenges.