Leadership Development Programme

Our client’s HR & Talent group decided to refresh the leadership development programme in line with their current strategy. The Fifth Business was commissioned to raise awareness and uptake of the refreshed leadership attributes of Authenticity, Growth, Collaboration and Performance.

We developed a comprehensive campaign where the onus was put on senior leaders to mentor the next generation of leaders – their legacy project. We produced a series of high quality videos, featuring senior leaders sharing their own real experiences of how the leadership attributes work in practice.

Fifth Business also produced a video with the CEO on his honest personal experiences; this was by far one of the most popular videos created within the organisation, it sparked hundreds of discussions, both online and offline. In addition to videos and articles, we also created conversation frameworks and competency development guides.

The results were measured and shared, producing excellent metrics showing videos and articles we produced had high effectiveness scores. Nearly 90% of staff who want to be developed as leaders are using the frameworks we provided as part of their individual development plans and prompting conversations with their line managers.