Leadership Toolkit

Our client’s operating management system set operational expectations for how the company provides consistent and sustainable improvement across the business. The Fifth Business were engaged to assist all stakeholders within the organisation to communicate and engage their workforce to live and breathe the expected behaviours.

We needed to ensure that all stakeholder groups received the same key messages regardless of their location and job role. Regular, tailored and consistent information and training needed to be provided and our approach was to work closely with the Internal Communications team to identify the most appropriate channels for each group. We delivered a number of key communication initiatives such as a monthly newsletter, dedicated intranet site, booklets and an interactive e-learning programme.

To ensure widespread engagement across the entire workforce, our team developed a leadership toolkit, which outlined a single approach to engaging with teams, including: a pre-engagement checklist, relevant key messages to be shared, setting expectations, and generally helping teams to develop their understanding of the system and its benefits. The toolkit also included practical exercises and tools to further embed understanding.