Rolls-Royce E-Learning

When Rolls-Royce re-launched the GHOST – the car was aimed at the highest end of the luxury car market. The virtual GHOST was the learning tool that Fifth Business created to allow the sales team to “see” and “drive” the car before it was made. The learning had to measure up to Rolls Royce exacting standards. The distinctive qualities of the car had to leap out from the desktop and inspire the dealer who would be selling the car to customers.

We created a media rich e-learning solution which included assessments, 3D simulation, diagrams, animated games and video to provide an immersive learning experience. The whole environment had the feel of the brand, which is undeniably iconic, and the learning was instantly recognisable as coming from Rolls Royce. The course was developed in English, Japanese and Chinese to target the worldwide dealership network. The learning experience was based on ‘discover and learn’ principles to reflect the behaviours of the end user, who like to get in a car and find out for themselves how it works.

The target audience was surveyed and the learning rated exceptionally high, subsequently, winning the Learning Age Award of Excellence in the category of Excellence in the Production of Learning Content for the Private Sector.