Our experience in Safety

Safety is at the heart of everything our clients do. Whether it’s working towards a collective goal, or changing people’s behaviours, The Fifth Business has unrivalled experience in helping our clients deliver strategic safety initiatives and campaigns through a myriad of channels and innovative mechanics – with measured results. This is an area we excel in.

Our vast experience and strategic thinking in the area of Safety led to the success of a ‘Safety Day’ initiative where the challenge was to change the attitudes and behaviours of over 400,000 employees. The secret to the success of the campaign was aligning management advocacy, regional content customisation and personal engagement. We set out our vision from the offset: ‘a complete elimination of fatal incidents’. A multi-channel approach was taken, which included Town Halls with the CEO, leadership toolkits to align messaging and vision, and peer-led communication using video vignettes of Safety Champions to inspire the workforce.

The result was the most successful safety engagement campaign in our client’s history. Over 104,000 pledges were received and the campaign achieved 95% recognition in the staff survey. In 2004, the number of fatalities within the company was 35, by 2009 this had been reduced to 6 and the safety campaign – managed by The Fifth Business – played a significant part in reducing fatalities and bringing about a shift in the mind-set of all employees.