Safety HUB SharePoint Site

As part of a major culture change initiative, our client wanted to stray away from the norm, and develop creative and engaging communication tools to help better engage its workforce in safety. We recognised that by utilising the organisation’s existing SharePoint platform, an internal intranet page could be developed to help communicate specific key messages and bring the workforce together under one safety HUB of information.

Utilising ‘out of the box’ SharePoint features alongside a custom user interface, we developed an interactive website that featured engaging graphics, animation, quizzes and games. An integral feature of this website was the creation of a forum, which was used by the company’s safety champions to help them collaborate and share ideas and best practice more easily.

Since launching, it has become a major central HUB for all things safety and is used as a platform for all safety campaigns within the business. Employees have identified with the safety culture in a big way and the branding, design and engaging nature of the website has played a key part in this.