SAP Training Support

The Fifth Business delivers successful SAP training for a range of clients. One leading oil and gas multinational needed to train around 1000 employees on SAP who used the software to perform daily tasks. The firm had introduced SAP over a decade previously, but most of its key users had subsequently left the company taking their SAP knowledge with them. As SAP is the company’s key business software it was essential key users had a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, as well as assurance that any solution was sustainable and corporate knowledge would not be lost.

This project, as for many others, utilised a dedicated team to design and develop a customised training framework, train-the-trainer sessions, individual courses and a complete documentation suite. We also facilitated auditorium training, one-to-one physical and virtual sessions as well as facilitating workgroups, multimedia and intranet-based training; this encompasses our full blended learning offering.

For another SAP client we designed and animated a 3D identity, producing a video which was later incorporated into a multimedia CD ROM handed out at a SAP Roadshow. The roadshow toured the company’s multiple UK sites over two weeks enabling users to gain an understanding of SAP by browsing an interactive multimedia presentation.

Where required we have also provided a full-time logistics coordinator to schedule courses and delegates across multiple locations, multiple countries and even continents.