Our experience in Security

Everyone and every company faces threats from cyber-attack. Firewalls, IT systems and software can be in place, but it’s still poor individual digital behaviours that can make an organisation vulnerable. It’s on the ‘people’ part of the digital security that we focus with the creation of a digitally vigilant workforce. We believe that reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and protecting digital information starts with behavioural change and education amongst all employees.

One example where we made measurable improvements was in a recent project introduced to mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats. Key to this strategy was making sure staff and contractors understand, appreciate and then follow good Digital Security behaviours.

We developed a comprehensive engagement and blended learning plan, which included both baseline training for everyone in the business and targeted training for the ‘at risk’ communities. Training was delivered using a variety of formats including a series of interactive e-learning programmes, face-to-face workshops for a select group of people and town halls, resulting in a cost effective approach for our client. The result was a dramatic drop in the number of issues associated with phishing and ultimately, a more secure digital environment.