Technical E-Learning

Our client’s aim was to provide gas processors with the knowledge and understanding of a complex pipeline system which delivers natural gas from a section of the North Sea’s Continental Shelf to an onshore site. The Fifth Business was invited to build an e-learning tutorial to explain the system in an engaging and user-friendly manner.

The five hour interactive e-learning programme made up of 19 chapters had to be engaging and have bookmarking capabilities. To keep the users’ attention, the course includes text, interactive assessments, animation and instructional elements, as well as streamed video. A combination of assessment questions were also developed such as true/false, multiple choice, hotspot questions and drag & drop. Users are required to complete each of the tests before moving on to the next chapter. Their progress and course completion is tracked through the client’s Learning Management System.

This e-learning tool met all learning objectives and is compulsory as part of our client’s compliance process.