The Fifth Business is an integrated change management, communications, learning and design agency - providing staff engagement, e-learning, inspiring design, productivity coaching and change management execution. We want to become your trusted partner by understanding your business challenges.

Change Management and Communications

We know that every project is unique. By understanding our clients’ cultures and values we can focus our efforts effectively – helping manage change and choosing the right channels and language to talk to the right people in the right way.

Assessing and managing your processes and bringing your messages to life, we can deliver true organisational change and capture its value. And we have the track record to prove it. Our aim is to become your trusted partner in managing change.

Our multi-disciplinary teams can help you make sense of what change is and the benefits it brings to individuals, teams and organisations.

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We put creativity at the heart of our work. It’s fundamental to delivering articulate and interesting approaches. We integrate our creative thinking in everything we do.

That lets us ‘disrupt the normal’, creating opportunities for connecting with your audience in new ways. Applying this thinking to our design approach and leveraging the right mix of media and channels means we create maximum impact and return-on-investment.

With our award-winning creativity and expertise, we can help bring bold new ideas to your project that will generate results and make your staff more productive.

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We take a blended approach to learning, working closely with you to choose solutions that suit your requirements and preferred learning styles.

Whether creating highly technical subject matter or teaching behavioural change, we develop products that are interactive, engaging and deliver agreed learning outcomes. Our integrated approach means that our team of technical writers, designers and developers come together to give you a product that delivers on substance as well as style.

We can offer the complete learning approach ‒ be that online courses, face-to-face training, on-site training, or productivity coaching ‒ making sure your needs are met.

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Tap into the true potential of SharePoint to improve collaboration and business productivity. We understand how to maximise SharePoint’s business potential by developing people-focused solutions, combining human and technical aspects to create engaging working environments. With a team which includes Microsoft-accredited SharePoint developers, our approach delivers award-winning user-friendly interface design.

Whether migrating to Office 365 or using SharePoint as an intranet platform, we have the experience and expertise to help you get a return-on-investment that delivers real results.

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